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Hunting Dogs Attack Woman Camper & 2 Dogs at National Forest. Hunting Dogs Excempt from Dangerous Dog Laws

Posted by RiseNC on November 10, 2014

Kadie & her 2 dogs attacked by loose hunting dogs in NC National Forest.  Click heading to review news stories.

Great Smoky Mountains Dog Attack

No charges in hunting dog attack in Graham forest

No charges in horrific hunting hounds’ attack on hiker, her dogs

Hunting dogs exempt from NC dangerous dog law

Dog fight in the forest: Woman crusades for legal change after hunting dog attack

For more information please visit

Justice for Kadie

Please sign the petition at change.org

Revoke the statute protecting hunting dogs

Please sign this petition in regards to the abuse of hunting dogs

Stop abuse of hunting dogs

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Posted by RiseNC on July 21, 2014

My Turn: The memory of their loss keeps us inspired

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Good News from NCWRC

Posted by RiseNC on March 6, 2014

Round two for deer birth control plan on Bald Head

Deer Relocated to Cherokee

Tribe replenishing western North Carolina deer population

And as always with the good news comes more bad news

Controlled hunt in Emerald Isle reduces deer population by 50

Bear hunting now allowed in all Piedmont counties

John Wooding, guest columnist, says bear-baiting is a bad idea

Why is the NCWRC looking to stop the spread of Black Bears into the Piedmont

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RiseNC.org Statements

Posted by RiseNC on February 1, 2013

Please note that on several websites it says that I am against hunting.  I am not a hunter but by no means am I against Hunters.  I do understand that first of all most hunters are ethical and believe in fair chase in a natural environment. I have done enough research about NCWRC and the management of our wildlife in NC to know that it is the hunters that are paying for so very much to protect our wildlife.  Thank you NC’s HUNTERS.

I, nor any person/volunteers with RiseNC.org, can promote fund-raising for any cause at this time as RiseNC.org is not an established non-profit organization.  RiseNC is a group of volunteers who are trying to make changes for the better management of wildlife in NC.  I fear at this time our campaign may be hindered if we attach ourselves with any group, individual, or organization collecting monies.

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