Raising awareness to civil atrocities, civil inequalities, and Constitutional injustices occurring within the state of North Carolina…

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  1. guilby419 said

    Wish we could attend the court date in person to help in your cause and although we can’t, please know that you are backed and supported from the windy city of Chicago! There is NO excuse for the slaughter, justice will prevail!!! Our hearts are with you in the courtroom….

  2. unraveled13 said

    Good luck, from Colorado! I signed your petition on change.org and have been keeping up to speed on these developments. We’re wishing you the best and hoping that the courts have the common sense to do what is right. Even though we won’t be in the courtroom, we will be with you!!
    — Derrick Martin

  3. sarahplummer said

    I followed the news about the unnecessary killings of the Kindley deers and the bear. I don’t live in Randolph County, but not far from it and signed the petition that I knew in my heart would be posted concerning this not long after it took place. I have wanted to know what the outcome would be in both of the cases, since I live in Guilford County. I also think that authority didn’t handle these in the right way. Millie and Jo, if you could let me know the outcome of each of these cases and any others that arise, I would love to hear from you, so I can continue to advocate against such wrong-doings. Thanks.

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