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Red Wolves In NC May Be Removed From Endangered Species Status

Posted by RiseNC on July 22, 2015


Click the link for the news story

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service on Notice for Failures to Protect the World’s Only Wild Red Wolves

Red wolf debacle shows US Fish and Wildlife Service missing spine July 10, 2015 The News & Observer

Fed Halts Red Wolf Recovery in North Carolina July 10, 2015 Brian Stallard Nature World News

Red Wolf Wars July 9, 2015 Blue Ridge Outdoor Magazine Ben Prater

Federal wildlife agency puts off decision on NC red wolf recovery effort June 30, 2015 The News & Observer

Federal agency halts red wolf releases in N.C. June 30, 2015 The Herald

As numbers dwindle, authorities ok shooting of endangered red wolf June 24, 2015 Southern Environmental Law Center

National Geography For World’s Only Wild Red Wolves, a Fateful Decision by Brian Clark Howard 03/18/2015

Deer, wolves and the NC Wildlife Resources Commission Feb. 6, 2015 The News & Observer

State Calls on Feds to Capture Red Wolves, End Program by Sam Walker the Outer Banks Voice 2/1/2015

Additional Information

Red Wolf Recovery Program Us Fish & Wildlife

If you are a NC Citizen and would like to be heard in support of the Red Wolf issue please contact me at Millie@RiseNC.org.

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Wildlife Resource Standing Committee – House of Representatives NC

Posted by RiseNC on April 21, 2015

The NC House of Representatives established a Wildlife Resource Standing Committee to study any of the following

Section 3. The Committee may study any of the following:
(1) Standards adopted by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and standards of other states related to the regulation of cervids.
(2) The process other states use to issue transportation permits for the importing cervids into the state.
(3) Whether or not the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission should allow the sale of antlers, antler velvet, or hides from captive populations of white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus).
(4) The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission’s fee schedule, staffing structure, and enforcement authority, including:
(a) Any reports of wildlife officers’ abuse of authority.
(b) The Commission’s collection of fees and expenditure of funds.
(c) Whether the Director of the Commission should be confirmed by the General Assembly.
(d) Whether duties currently under the jurisdiction of the Commission would be more efficiently performed by another agency of State government.
(5) Any other issue the Committee deems relevant to this study.

Wildlife Resources Committee, N C House of Representatives (Click on the link for members and other information)

News Articles

House Speaker Tim Moore assigns committee posts

Legislators hear from victims of discredited bear poaching ‘sting’

NC deer farmers, hunters battle over regulation of growing herds

Deer farmers accuse NC agency of stoking fear and raiding farms

Legislature to put N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission under microscope

Follow the Link to Find your NC Senator or Representative



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RiseNC.org Statements

Posted by RiseNC on February 1, 2013

Please note that on several websites it says that I am against hunting.  I am not a hunter but by no means am I against Hunters.  I do understand that first of all most hunters are ethical and believe in fair chase in a natural environment. I have done enough research about NCWRC and the management of our wildlife in NC to know that it is the hunters that are paying for so very much to protect our wildlife.  Thank you NC’s HUNTERS.

I, nor any person/volunteers with RiseNC.org, can promote fund-raising for any cause at this time as RiseNC.org is not an established non-profit organization.  RiseNC is a group of volunteers who are trying to make changes for the better management of wildlife in NC.  I fear at this time our campaign may be hindered if we attach ourselves with any group, individual, or organization collecting monies.

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