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Citizen Comments

SENSELESS KILLINGS!!! It is awful how people will abuse their authority these days. – Samantha E. (Trinity, NC)


I lost 26 fallow deer to wildlife 2006-2007.  The deer was pastured on twenty six acres of perfect habitat. Twelve does within four weeks of giving birth were slaughtered by the use of 12 gage – Carroll J. (Crouse, NC)

It is horrible when the people in positions of authority abuse that authority for their own sick selfish sense of thinking that they are helping! Innocent game that is tame and recovering from injuries pose no threat. I suppose next they will be storming our land and homes to kill us because we may possibly be contaminated with some incurable disease from another state or country? Hmmm….  – Tina L. (Dudley, NC)

This needs to stop!! There is no reason for this to be happening!! There is too much power and it seems it is in the wrong hands!!  – Kendra M. (Trinity, NC)

Restrictions on ownership are a good idea but senseless killings of an entire herd to test for a disease is crazy.  – Jessie F. (Franklinville, NC)

What was done to this harmless animals is unacceptable! it should never happen again but what upsets me the most is that they were slaughtered for a stupid reason!   – Scarlett M. (Lillington, NC)

stop the senseless killing of wildlife  – Floyd A. (Archdale, NC)

It was cruel to kill the deer. If the land owner did not have the proper license to have these deer or any other rehabilitated animal on his farm/land, then the animals should have been sedated and taken to a rehabilitation center/farm to be taken care of or a rescue wildlife reserve. These deer didn’t need to be killed to test for a disease. There are other ways! Makes you wonder why our world is like it is today. No respect for the laws and clearly they didn’t go by the law!  – Angela J. (Cleveland, NC)

There is no reasonable reason or excuse for this inhumane act. There has never been any cases in NC of the disease they were supposedly looking for… complete lie, and these “agents/liars” need to be punished. Don’t give use excuses about just doing their job!  – Marta K. (Greensboro, NC)

Government has too much power!!!   – Jerry T. (Sophia, NC)

There was no reason for those deer to be shot.  – Teresa W. (Randleman, NC)

I want to know what is going one here. I am a resident of Randolph. Why did all the deer have to be killed if you accept that the Wildlife Agents were concerned with disease- why not
just one to find out. I will be calling my representatives to find out.   – Marlon . (Trinity, NC)

It was inhumane to kill those deer. You could tell those deer had been taken care of and was loved by the people who had them. It is good that someone would take on that responsibility, shouldn,t matter whether they are a licensed facility or not.  That is politics not compassion.  – Sandra J. (Mt. Airy, NC)

The “Letter of the Warrant’ was clearly not followed and this was a gross abuse of power. Why was this travesty of property and animal rights even remotely construed as necessary and legal? This type of abusive power should be held in check immediately, and, those responsible for ignoring the true intent of the warrant held accountable.  – Victor P. (Asheboro, NC)

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12 Responses to “Citizen Comments”

  1. wayne kindley said

    This is a sad time in history. When we have the North Carolina Wildlife Commission and their game wardens & hired guns can come in on our property and destroy our fallow deer and 2 rehabaliated deer.(One which had one eye) Slaughter them and haul them off like a piece of trash and bury them. We the people of the US need to stand up for our rights……We live in America, things like this should NOT happen.
    But, when state officials think they are above the law, this is what can happen. ALL OF US NEED TO MAKE A STAND. Since our horrible day of slaughter from the NC Wildlife Commission, we have heard so many stories similar to ours, it is TOTALLY SICKENING….. NO PERSON OR ANIMAL SHOULD BE TREATED LIKE THIS !!!!!!!!
    Our FRIENDS supporting this web page has posted our court date Nov. 17 @ Randolph Co. Court House. 9:00AM Court Room 001A
    Set in’s in court room and picketing outside are very Welcome and Appreciated.
    Thanks Again for ALL The Support and Friendship. We need to make a difference and changes in the laws of North Carolina.
    Sincerely Wayne & Linda Kindley Asheboro NC

  2. Blue Shedevil said

    If you listen to your elected representatives, you can see they are handing out the standard party line and will sweep this under the rug and hope we animal rights whackos will go away. This could be your property or your home. If you think government intrusion will stop at wildlife, think again. Legal redress was completely denied to Mr. Kinley and his civil rights were shredded. Beware North Carolinians, Beverly Perdue and her henchman may be at your door next.

  3. RiseNC.org said

    Make no mistake, the NC Wildlife Officials can and will “secure access to” any NC resident’s property in the name of containing Chronic Wasting Disease in Cervids. It’s time to re-write the laws of NC and balance power away from the NC Wildlife Resources Commission.

  4. janetreed74 said

    My prayers are with you tomorrow! It’s great to see such community strength. I hope the hearing is a success for your cause.

  5. deborah said

    This is such a travesty! What evidence did they have that the animals posed a threat! North Carolina… give those people guns and they will kill just about anything! Makes me sick to my stomach and has ruined my day to hear what they did to your animals. No cause or justification, that’s scary! Someone needs to be held accountable for this and be punished! That’s what America is about right! AND JUSTICE FOR ALL…Such Hypocrites

  6. carollee said

    Game wardens, wildlife officials ARE NOT above the law. Unless people file suit against these atrocities, they will continue. Sad to see that these ignorant bullies are so brazen in North Carolina. VIOLATION OF A PERSON’S RIGHTS WHEN PROPERTY, WHETHER IT IS AN OBJECT OR AN ANIMAL, IS DESTROYED WITHOUT NOTICE TO THE PERSON IN ADVANCE SO THAT HE/SHE CAN APPEAL.

  7. prince.albert said

    Mr. and Mrs. Kindley,
    There are a lot of people in North Carolina that are very upset over what happened to your family and your animals. On Change.org, some people said it was an abuse of authority. I say they do not have the authority and they broke the law. Look at the federal government’s definition of domesticated animals. There are over 100 animals and it includes deer, bear and elk. Any animals raised not to fear humans is a domesticated animal. Also, look at the ruling the Missouri Supreme Court made in Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch vs. Glendon Lange and others. I don’t think these animals even fall under the jurisdiction of the Wildlife Department or Department of Natural Resources. If you look at the law on domestic animals it says anyone that molests, harasses or harms a domesticated animal in any way is guilty of a class H felony. A lot of people I have talked with want to know why the DA hasn’t filed charges against these criminals. If the DA, our legislators and governor let this type of crime be committed by state employees, then we need to get them all out of office.
    I understand the concerns for chronic wasting disease, but they cannot control something when they don’t know how it started or how it spreads. They don’t even know how long they have it before showing symptoms. There is one case, I read about, where they sent 1/2 the brain to one laboratory and 1/2 to another. One lab got a positive result for chronic wasting disease and the other got a negative result.
    There is even evidence that the elk relocated by DNR and state wildlife departments caused the spread of CWD. With research, I’ve found that there is no evidence fenced deer, whitetail or any other, cause CWD. There are thousands of elk and whitetail, red and fallow deer on farms and pen raised all over the US with most states not having CWD. The state of Texas even releases, pen raised deer, back into the wild. They have had no cases of CWD.
    There are enough deer killed on the highways and by farmers and hunters to test for CWD without them killing domesticated deer. A deer killed, on the highway, may be the best candidate to test because a diseased deer is even more likely to wander into the road.
    If DNR and the wildlife dept. are so worried about disease, they should be worried about rabies with the number of foxes, raccoons and coyotes we have in the state.
    Epizoodic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD) has killed more deer in one year than CWD has since it was discovered in the US, unless you count the ones killed by the wildlife department for CWD testing. If the wildlife department is so worried about the spread of CWD, they wouldn’t let farmers shoot deer and leave them to decay. Studies show that, for five years, deer can be infected by licking the carcass of or eating grass where an infected deer had decayed.
    Bovine Tuberculosis, a chronic infectious disease in cattle, sometimes affects foxes, raccoons and coyotes. They don’t seem to be trying to reduce the cases of this disease. TB was brought to America, in cattle, by the settlers. They have a test for it. This disease affects humans. Why aren’t they killing cows and testing? But, that would cause a panic and people would quit eating beef.
    Studies show there is no threat to humans that handle deer infected with CWD or EHD.
    The Indiana Journal Gazette reported, DNR Director Kyle Hupfer said killing animals behind fences is illegal. He said, This is something that is extremely unethical. These whitetail deer are domesticated just like a cow, a chicken or a hog. He is referring to deer fenced to hunt but he enforces the definition of fenced deer being domesticated.
    Steve Ferrell, at the Wyoming Fish and Game Department, said there are no methods that have proven effective to stop the expansion of CWD.
    Recent research in Wisconsin and Colorado has shown that large scale killing of animals is ineffective in stopping the spread or reducing the prevalence of CWD.
    I have talked to many people about this and we hope you will not give up this fight. We would like to be able to donate money to help with expenses. Do you have a web site for donations? If not, where can we donate?

  8. RiseNC said

    Keep up the great work everyone! You are all amazing agents of change!!!

  9. RiseNC said

    cljohnson said
    March 8, 2012 at 10:40 pm e

    It seams to me that 100% of the meeting agenda is discussions concerning white tail deer, Native whatetail are known to be subject to contract Chronic Wasting Disease and I am not sure that North Carolina Wildlife is capable of keeping a tight lid om farms within our state.The state of Alabama has adapted a citizens alert with a contact number if their citizens observe someone that is transporting deer on highways and biways they should contact authorties so it can be determined if the animals are being moved in a legal way Fallow deer farming should have been the main agenda and I ask why? One of the most perfect animls for keeping on a family farm,Just how long will it take our wildlife officials to realize that fallows should be under the control of agriculture and regulated just as sheep and goats.Both of these animals are farmed unchecked even when they are found dead in the owners pasture, I personaly have seen a total of three dead goats in a pasture near my farm.It would be intreesting to know what state has placed enough influence on APHIS to cause them to sat on their NEW regulations since 2006.Farmed deer regulations should apply evenly to every state.In closing I will ask if those so called experts have noticed that you could draw a line from Southeast Va.down through Morganton N.C.and on through S.Carolina into Ga., Alabama, misippi,La., Texas and Florida, and you will not find one case of CWD, these states are temperate weather zones and the hunger,stress,and what they call deer yards do not exist.Deer in these areas never actually go without food such as honeysucles and many other greenery that survives our mild winters.I believe this to be true and it sure needs some kind of research.N.C.farmers will eventualy be allowed to raise this animal in spite of NCWD and their bed pardeners like wildlife federatios,QDA which in my openion is a joke.Many of their people could care less about deer farming.Gorden Myers will get investigated simply because he has commited a crime and like the military says you can degalate athourity but not responsibility

  10. RiseNC said

    Jo’s Comments to NCWRC

    Posted by RiseNC on January 16, 2012
    January 15, 2011
    Jo Henderson
    To whom it may concern,
    I am not now, nor do I plan in the future to ever sue the state of NC or any of its branches of government.
    The lawsuit you are using as an excuse to not allow me to speak is Wayne Kindley’s case. I have not given any monies to his lawyer, Matthew Atlamura nor are any monies coming to me from his continuing case. If you do not believe me, ask his attorney.
    The only connection between Wayne and myself is that the one-eyed white-tailed doe that I rescued was sent years ago to him for rehab. Therefore, when the other deer were killed on September 20, 2011,she unfortunately died among them (a slow death, I might add).
    No amount of money could bring back my deer. I do not want your blood money. I am part Eastern Cherokee and we honor the deer. So I do not want any part of your blood money. It is not the Cherokee way.

  11. Maureen said

    I have a theory that the US Food supply is not all that safe from what they are calling “mad cow” and so they — not sure who the they are – other then folks with money and power — are acting out in all these attacks on people and the pet deer. I’m wondering what might be in the “feed” if people are keeping them as pets…and maybe that might be some of what might be going on?

    I do want to congratulate all of you for the work of putting this site together and I will help in any way that I can. Personally, I am very much against the growing interest in horse-slaughter as a meat-industry and I want to stop that now, before it gets anywhere!

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