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Fox & Coyote Hunt Pens

NC Coyote Rule Risks Endangered Red Wolves

NC Wildlife Activists Pushing to Outlaw Hunt Pens by Mitch Weiss AP

Animal rights push has hidden agenda by Keith Loudermilt. President of NC Dog Sporting Association

Rebuttals to Mr. Loudermilk’s Editorial which were not published by the Statesville Record & Landmark

“Mr. Loudermilt uses inflammatory rhetoric, untruths and fear to lobby support for the blood “sport” of hunt pens. We are NOT the Humane Society or outsiders – we are North Carolinians who care and want to see the pursuit and torture of innocent fox and coyotes stopped. We are not anti-hunters with a “hidden agenda” of trying to stop hunting. My wildlife photos have appeared on the front cover of Field & Stream, Sports Afield, Wildlife in NC, and other hunting magazines in support of ethical hunting. Many want to see hunt pens shut down because they give ethical hunters a bad name.

Mr. Loudermilt states, “Fox enclosures range from several hundred acres to thousands of acres.” That is NOT TRUE according to the NC Wildlife Resources Commission. Of the 108 licensed hunt pens in North Carolina one hunt pen exceeds 1000 acres, but twenty five hunt pens have enclosures of 25 acres or less, with the smallest being a mere but legal 6 acres.

The pursuit and killing of fox and coyotes by packs of dogs in hunt pens have no correlation to true hunting. It relates more to outlawed cock fighting and dog fighting albeit much worse. Instead of one against one, with hunt pens it can be one hundred against one.

There comes a time when a society becomes civilized enough to stop barbaric practices against innocent victims for man’s entertainment. That time has come and North Carolinians are going to see to it.

Bill Lea
Nature Photographer

In response to Keith Loudermilt’s letter of Jan. 4 concerning banning the horrific, barbaric, inhumane, blood “sport” referred to as “Hunt Pens.” Foxes and coyotes are trapped in steel-jaw traps (which cause sever injury to the foot and leg) and snares. These animals are transported and sold to the owners of hunt pens where those injured animals are released into a fenced-in area with no escape. Field Trials (competitions between packs of dogs) are held several times a week at most hunt pens. Packs of dogs are released at the same time into the fenced-in area where they chase down the fox or coyote and tear it apart when they catch it. There are judges within the fenced-in area who grade each pack of dogs. Prizes are given to the pack of dogs that “performs” the best.

There are 109 hunt pens in NC, the smallest is 6 acreas. Most of them have less than 75 acres. In a meeting I attended with th! e Exec. Dir. of the NCWRC and several other WRC wildlife biologist, one of the wildlife biologist stated there can be “hundreds” of dogs released at the same time into the fenced-in area to pursue the fox or coyote. See this website to view a gruesome video of what goes on at a field trial.


Banning these inhumane hunt pens has nothing to do with banning hunting—NOTHING! If you would like to see this barbaric “sport” banned, please sign this petition: http://www.change.org/petitions/prohibit-fox-pens-in-nc

Please make your voices heard.

Jean S.

Fox Coyote Pens in NC

Posted by RiseNC on December 23, 2012

North Carolina is one on only 10 states that allow the horrific practice of trapping fox and coyote and releasing them into a fenced area to be chased by dogs.  Individuals who do this say that they are training their dogs.  The fox and coyote are taken from their nature habitat and often caught with snare traps that are harmful then placed in these pens.  NC is only one of 10 states that allow this barbaric activity.  NC has 138 facilities around the state.  Fox Preserves which most facilities are called have Field Trails in which 100′s of dogs are released to chase the foxes and coyotes.  This is called a SPORT.

In 2009 NC General Assembly tried to stop this terrible abuse of coyotes and foxes but the law was not passed.

Florida’s Wildlife Commissioners just banned this activity.

RiseNC.org and its volunteers are trying to stop this SPORT.

Please follow the link to the petition at Change.org:

Prohibit Fox & Coyote Pens In North Carolina

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