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NC WIldlife Advocates


The recently formed North Carolina Wildlife Advocates is an organization involving all residents of North Carolina who passionately value our “wild lives and wild places” and recognize their contribution to the unique diversity of North Carolina.   Open to individuals, as well as others with a wide spectrum of viewpoints, this coalition is dedicated to developing awareness of wildlife issues, along with a commitment to “doing the right thing” regarding the wildlife we “all own” and appreciate.   

A primary objective of this group involves becoming a much needed voice to the media, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, NCWRC commissioners, members of the NC General Assembly and others who appreciate and value wildlife from a variety of perspectives.

 Currently, only a very small percentage of North Carolina residents are recognized in the management or issues regarding the wildlife we “all” own. It is clearly evident there is a major need, by those who currently create wildlife regulations and address issues, to develop enhanced sensitivity to include the concerns and opinions of a larger number of residents in North Carolina who value wildlife.  Often decisions and regulations are  totally influenced by a “vocal minority” of “special interests” who are dedicated to their own agenda and do not represent the very large majority of NC residents.  

Some broad objectives NC Wildlife Advocates hope to address include:

(1) Encourage and support wildlife law enforcement at the local and state level.  Become actively engaged regarding the need for expanding the number of officers needed to adequately enforce regulations for the benefit of wildlife and the general public. 

(2) Demand justice and prosecution, at the local level, regarding those who poach, hunt illegally and those guilty of trespassing.  

(3) Promote and encourage changes in the current appointment system for the selection of NCWRC commissioners that will implement a more democratic system and provide better accountability to “all” who value wildlife, not just those with special interests.

(4) Become active participants and support Wildlife Outreach educational opportunities for students and adults. Help develop awareness of the value of wildlife and their importance to our NC landscape.

Specifically, an issue being pursued by NC Wildlife Advocates (that few people are aware of) is the current lawful use of wildlife in the inhumane practice of coyote and fox penning.  Only 10 states currently allow this horrific use of captive wild animals.  Both Indiana and Virginia are giving strong consideration to making this unlawful while Florida recently banned this inhumane practice and use of wildlife.  Capturing foxes, coyotes and other animals from the wild and placing them in enclosures to be relentlessly pursued by packs of dogs (whatever the justification) is inherently wrong!  The needless fear and torment of these innocent victims should not continue in today’s civilized society.  An intense effort should be made to ban this barbaric practice. To sign a petition of protest, go to RiseNC.org and scroll down to Fox and Coyote Penning and of utmost importance, contact your local NC representative, senator and other government officials.

John Edwards



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