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Opossum Bill

The NC Legislature has a new bill to allow Exclude Opossums from Wildlife Laws. The bill has already passed the NC House of Representatives and has been voted on once in the NC Senate.

House Bill 574 Follow the link

Sponsors of the Bill – Roger West, Mike Hager, Pat McElraft, Marvin Lucas, Jimmy Dixon, Elmer Floyd, Ken Waddell, Chris Whitmire

Roger.West@ncleg.net, Mike.Hager@ncleg.net, Pat.McElraft@ncleg.net, Marvin.Lucas@ncleg.net, Jimmy.Dixon@ncleg.net, Elmer.Floyd@ncleg.net, Ken.Waddell@ncleg.net, Chris.Whitmire@ncleg.net

The bill has been Referred To Committee On Rules and Operations of the Senate Follow the link

Committee Member of the Rules and Operations of the Senate are
Chairman Sen. Tom Apodaca

Vice Chairman Sen. Tommy Tucker

Members Sen. Chad Barefoot, Sen. Dan Blue, Sen. Andrew C. Brock, Sen. Harry Brown, Sen. Ben Clark, Sen. Joel D. M. Ford, Sen. Kathy Harrington, Sen. Ralph Hise, Sen. Brent Jackson, Sen. Floyd B. McKissick, Jr., Sen. Wesley Meredith, Sen. E. S. (Buck) Newton, Sen. Bill Rabon, Sen. Josh Stein, Sen. Trudy Wade
Tom.Apodaca@ncleg.net, Tommy.Tucker@ncleg.net, Chad.Barefoot@ncleg.net, Dan.Blue@ncleg.net, Andrew.Brock@ncleg.net, Harry.Brown@ncleg.net, Ben.Clark@ncleg.net, Joel.Ford@ncleg.net, Kathy.Harrington@ncleg.net, Ralph.Hise@ncleg.net, Brent.Jackson@ncleg.net, Floyd.McKissick@ncleg.net, Wesley.Meredith@ncleg.net, Buck.Newton@ncleg.net, Bill.Rabon@ncleg.net, Josh.Stein@ncleg.net, Trudy.Wade@ncleg.net

If you are a NC resident please send an email to your senator. Find your NC Senator at this link

If you are not a NC Citizen, please send an email to Phil Berger, President Pro Tempore of Senate at

If you feel real inspired email the Sponsors of the Bill and the Committee Members of the Rules and Operations of the Senate.

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Please note the comments from your Representatives

Committee members regarded the bill with humor.

“What’s the need for this bill?” asked Rep. John Blust, R-Guilford.

“So we can exhibit a captured animal,” replied the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Roger West, R-Cherokee.

“I think it’s one of the finest bills I’ve ever seen,” remarked Rep. Leo Daughtry, R-Johnston.

Kidding aside, Wildlife Resources Commissioner Gordon Myers told the committee the bill is needed because the ruling by Administrative Law Judge Fred Morrison called into question the agency’s statutory power to issue permits for the exhibit of any native animal, even in zoos or rescue centers.

Please note the comments in Senate

Davis said his mind wasn’t changed by a letter he received from longtime game-show host and animal welfare activist Bob Barker.

“If you would think for a moment,” Davis joked, referring to Barker’s famous tag line, “If you could ask an opossum…would you rather be gently lowered in a Plexiglas box or be spayed or neutered?”

Sen. Louis Pate, R-Wayne, called that “the unkindest cut of all.”

The comments were in my opinion were disrespectful and an insult to Mr. Bob Barker.  Mr. Barker gave Duke University $1 Million. 

TV Personality Bob Barker Donates $1 Million to Create Endowment for Study of Animal Rights Law

NC House of representatives and the Vote for the Possum Drop

North Carolina Senate and the Vote for the Possum Drop


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